Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is presented to a Dermatologist who has shown excellence in contributions made to the Alberta Society of Dermatologists over many years.

The contributions can be in all or some of the following areas:

● Organizational and administrative ability;

● Community services and dermatology patient advocacy;

● Advocacy for dermatologists and the field of dermatologyNomination Guidelines

● The award is open to living members.

● Nominees must be a dermatologist member of the Alberta Society of Dermatologists

● Nominations can be submitted by peers, colleagues or trainees but must be supported by two dermatologists.

● Self-nomination is ineligible.

● Nominations will be evaluated by the ASD Board of Executives taking into consideration the eligibility and focus of the award.

● The ASD shall be under no obligation to make the award annually.

● The award will be presented at the ASD Annual General Meeting

● Nomination submissions must be received by the deadline date. Any submissions received beyond that date will not be considered.

● Those who have received this award are ineligible to receive the same award the following year.

The nomination submission must include:

● A current curriculum vitae

● Letter of nomination

● Two letters of support (maximum of two pages per letter)

NB: At least one of the three letters (nomination or support) must be authored by an individual who is not a member of the executive board of ASD. This ensures a diverse perspective on the nominee’s contributions and impact.

Applications will be accepted until July 1 of nomination year.

To submit your nomination please send your submission to us at